Exec-Comm LLC is committed to offering the broadest range of communication skills workshops in person and online. Our goal is to help you improve your effectiveness by preparing you to communicate clearly and with greater impact. We offer workshops focused on:

  • Building Foundational Skills
  • Business Development and Selling
  • Expanding Your Presence
  • Interacting with the Media
  • Leading
  • Meeting
  • Presenting
  • Writing
We work with all levels within an organization from entry level employees to C-level executives, helping them impact their world by focusing more on others and less on themselves.

Our client list includes major companies in each sector:
  • Financial services (American Express, Bank of America, Credit Suisse,...)
  • Insurance (MetLife, Liberty Mutual, Mass Mutual Financial Group,...)
  • Media (BBC, Pearson, The Gallup Organization, The McGraw Hill Companies,...)
  • Government (US Dept. of Homeland Security, General Consulate of Canada,...)
  • Corporate (Pepsico, Starwood Hotels, LAN Airlines, Amazon,...)

Reviews of Exec-Comm

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Write for Results

Daniel P

Attended: Write for Results

This training was incredible! There is something to be said about experiences that get you out of your comfort zone and Robert did just that. Really helpful for professional growth.

Presenting with Impact

Nicholas M

Attended: Presenting with Impact

This was an eye opening course! Many skills that I can apply, especially face & gesture tips.

Motivating & Mentoring

Paul R

Attended: Motivating & Mentoring

This was super valuable and something I had really been yearning for. Understanding personality types and way of motivating (especially those who I am pretty different from) was my biggest takeaway.

Essential Communication Skills

Vanessa S

Attended: Essential Communication Skills

I found it very interesting and helpful to learn how to look at and approach things in different ways that could be more effective.

Executive Presence


Attended: Executive Presence

The whole program was well thought out and organized. The facilitators were phenomenal. I loved it!

Effective Virtual Meetings


Attended: Effective Virtual Meetings

The program was very helpful in identifying position and habits to form when trying to be more effective and have more impact in meetings. Heather and Joe did an excellent job.

Dynamic Interactions

Michael S

Attended: Dynamic Interactions

You saved me six months of making mistakes and learning the hard way. Thanks!

Communicating to Resolve Conflict

Jialan S

Attended: Communicating to Resolve Conflict

Exercises were very effective, fun, and truly contributed to the effectiveness of the workshop. The instructions were clear and effective too. I enjoyed the workshop. Thank you!

Motivating & Mentoring

Beth C

Attended: Motivating & Mentoring

This was a great experience. The idea of an all-day training can seem daunting but it was fun, digestible and helpful! It flew by! I learned a lot about the way I communicate and how it can be more effective, as well as how to adapt it to other people's styles.

Presenting with Impact

Yvonne E

Attended: Presenting with Impact

This is my third Exec-Comm class and each one I walk away with so much knowledge. Great class!

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