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Meaningful Life Skills

at LSGS -

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he examines life and offers a comprehensive blueprint of the human psyche. Discover how to live a truly happy and meaningful life by using your divine gifts and wisdom to reach your highest potential.

Wednesday May 18th, 8:30pm - 10pm Eastern Time

Intuitive-Psychic Tarot Development

at School of Multidimensional Healing -

Are you interested in learning how to read Tarot and use your psychic abilities? Every Monday evening, join like-minded people in a safe environment to develop and enhance your intuitive gifts while learning to read the Tarot. Learn how to use Tarot to enhance your daily life Psychic development topics and exercises Learn...

Monday May 23rd, 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time

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Angel Card Intuitive Reading

at School of Multidimensional Healing -

The Angel Intuitive Card classes are (8 classes for a certificate) each course will be designed in such a way that a the classes can be taken in any order and students can begin at any point in the course rotation. We all have amazing gifts and intuition  And we all have many beautiful angels guiding us on our spiritual path. Let me help you...

Tuesday May 17th, 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time

Writing to Awaken

at Infinity Foundation -

Engage in an inspirational investigation of yourself through expressive writing, along a path of awakening through, radical truth-telling and self-inquiry. Join Matousek, bestselling author of Writing to Awaken, as he guides you with targeted, revelatory questions to help you explore your personal narrative. By writing honestly, you can move toward...

Sunday May 22nd, 1pm - 4pm Central Time

The Heart of the Healing Drum

at Shamanic Fire Reiki -

Open yourself up to a deep level of bonding & unfold the medicine between you and your drum. Begin with an the initiation of your drum into the healing world of Shamanism.  Shamans connect to their drums in a deeper level, and they are healing tools and connecting with the waves of our voice they intertwining with the voice of the drum. ...

Sunday May 22nd, 3pm - 7pm Eastern Time

Planning an Inspired & Intentional Funeral

at New York Open Center -

Transition by Design: Planning an Inspired & Intentional Funeral Note: This workshop will now be offered online. Sessions of all our online programs will be recorded and shared with registrants after each is completed for a limited time only. Planning for your own death, and getting acquainted with what is both traditional and newly possible in...

Sunday May 22nd, 10am - 5:30pm Eastern Time

Guided Spiritual Meditation

at Infinity Foundation -

Find inner peace, calm, and relaxation through guided spiritual meditation. Experiential guided relaxation, visualization, and spiritual consciousness help you reach a state of balance and inner peace. Apply techniques and tools to reach a meditative state. Each session focuses on spiritual and personal growth dimensions. There is time to process...

Wednesday Jun 1st, 7pm - 8:30pm Central Time

  (8 sessions)

8 sessions

Observer Consciousness

at Infinity Foundation -

Observer consciousness helps you be in the world with centered, empowered, and pres­ent moment focus. Observer consciousness is neutral, as you do not impose your beliefs, fears, labels, and judgments on reality. As an observer, you experience situations as they really are, without any dramatic or emo­tional descriptions. This gives you the centered...

Thursday Jun 23rd, 7pm - 9pm Central Time

Core Transformation

at The NLP Center of New York -

Gently Yet Powerfully Resolve Problems and Facilitate Personal Change Used in an ongoing way, this is an amazing process that facilitates deep, lasting personal change. Like a subterranean spring that is released and cleanses the surface waters, this seminar offers specific methods for resolving problems and overcoming limitations. The experience...

Saturday Jun 4th, 10am - 2pm Eastern Time

  (3 sessions)

3 sessions

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REIKI Level I Certification

at REIKI Wellbeing -

Receive REIKI training in Los Angeles: REIKI Level I classes include Attunement, Training, Practice and Certification. Learn how to heal yourself and others! Perform a REIKI session step by step Learn how REIKI began Learn the Gassho Meditation Connect with your REIKI Guides Learn the 5 REIKI Ideals The Chakras and the Energy Field Receive...

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REIKI Level II Certificati­on

at REIKI Wellbeing -

REIKI Level II classes include Attunement, Training and Certification.  Begin working as a REIKI practitioner professionally!   Learn 3 REIKI symbols and their mantras Learn how to heal at an emotional and mental level Learn how to send distance REIKI across space and time Perform a REIKI session step by step using symbols and...

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An Evening of Spirit Communication

at School of Multidimensional Healing -

An Evening of Spirit Communication: Group Reading with Medium Maureen Allan Love is eternal and our soulmates live on. Medium Maureen Allan will help you connect with your friends and family in the Afterlife and give you their messages of love and closure. A Master level Channeler, Maureen can give you the chance to have closure, peace, and proof...

No upcoming schedules

SOUL SPA & CONSCIOUS LIVING through Energy Healing

at REIKI Wellbeing -

12 months to a new life! Each month, you will learn techniques and processes for self-care and expanded consciousness, how to heal yourself in different areas of your life through different modalities.

No upcoming schedules

Healing Your Creative Expression

at Lorraine Goldbloom VortexHealing

ISSUE SERIES EVENT:  Healing Your Creative Expression Creativity is a wondrous and joyful aspect of being alive that brings forth something magical from within. Creativity utilizes our imagination as a tool to connect with Divine intention. As we continue to surrender into that process, our creativity expresses naturally in everything we do. ...

No upcoming schedules

Psychic Reader Certification

at REIKI Wellbeing -

This Psychic Reader Certification program includes: LIFETIME Access to Psychic Reader Certification ONLINE Program LIFETIME Access to our Facebook community LIFETIME Access to all Psychic Reader Livestreams In this course, you will learn how to trust your intuition and develop your psychic ability.   You will also have practice time...

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