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Japanese Online Class #2 with Aiko

The League of Kitchens @ Virtual Learning

Learn to make festive Temaki Zushi (fresh and delicious hand rolls filled with sushi rice and vegetables and paired with a flavorful sesame dipping sauce) and Miso Soup (a traditional Japanese soup with silken tofu, mushrooms, and scallions made with miso and homemade dashi).  All Online cooking classes include interactive cooking instruction, a virtual dinner party, a packet with the instructor's family recipes, and a video recording of the...

Saturday Oct 14th, 4–6:30pm Eastern Time

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Virtual Handmade Sushi

Eve Bergazyn

Making sushi is easier than you think! In this 1.5-hour class, we’ll teach you the fundamentals, from rice to fish (and even California rolls). We’ll cover: sushi hand rolls & cut rolls rinsing, making, and seasoning the sushi rice the proper way to eat sushi You’ll finish the class with solid foundations to skip ordering in and make sushi at home! Materials needed to fully participate: Dry Goods 2 cups sushi rice (can substitute...

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Virtual Interactive Sushi Making Workshop


Let’s learn how to make sushi rolls with ingredients you have at home! In this class, we are going to teach you how to make your own creative sushi rolls with a few simple ingredients that are usually kept in the normal household. Even if you don’t have the usual sushi ingredients at home, you can make simple sushi rolls with ingredients for sandwiches. Let’s take an advantage of this quarantine period to learn a new cooking skill or for...

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Virtual Cook Along: Sushi

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Be your own sushi master! Learn how to make sushi from scratch as our chef virtually guides you through all of the essential sushi-making techniques, ingredients and tools in this 2-hour intensively interactive cook along. With our chef’s helpful hints and tips along the way (and a little practice), you will learn how easy it really is to make sushi in your own kitchen. If cooking along, please refer to the packet (will be provided upon signup)...

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Valentine's Day Sushi Experience - Virtual

Sushi by Simon @ Virtual Classroom

Experience the thrill of making your very own sushi, using our unique interactive teaching method. Eat well, gain a fantastic new skill and learn more about sushi then you ever thought possible. Usher in a new year of possibility with a new skill! A detailed shopping list, including possible online resources for purchasing, will be emailed to participants as well. Please feel free to reach out with questions about materials or or substitutions....

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Virtual Vegetarian Sushi Rolling

Food Craft @ Live Online

Learn a new cooking skill with an all-inclusive kit at home The most convenient sushi rolling virtual experience has arrived! Know how to properly season the sushi rice, cut avocados, cucumber, and your choice of protein to make the perfect uramaki rolls. Plus, create the savory spicy mayo sauce and miso soup for an all-out umami experience! What You'll Learn: Seasoning Sushi Rice Preparing Avocado & Cucumber Preparing Mushroom & Other...

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Sushi Rolling for 2 guests with a kit

Food Craft @ Live Online

Don’t let the chef have all the fun! Learn the art of making the perfect maki with our experienced chef. Bring your fresh ingredients and customize the rolls based on your favorite toppings. Leave the class feeling like a pro with the step-by-step techniques in preparing ingredients and making two types of rolls, all in just an hour! Allergies: Vegan Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Friendly What they’ll learn: Seasoning Sushi Rice...

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Discover the Best Sushi Making Classes Online

Sushi making is an ancient Japanese art form with a long and rich history. Originating over 2,000 years ago in Southeast Asia, sushi was created to preserve fish by fermenting it with rice and other seasonings. Over time, this preservation method evolved into the popular dish known across the globe today. Sushi making basics incorporate four primary elements: preparing the ingredients, rolling the sushi, cutting it into pieces, and plating. Each step of the process requires specific skills and knowledge for the best results.

Some find the sushi making craft intimidating or feel it takes too long to learn. But if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make sushi like a pro, online sushi making classes are the perfect way to get started. From mastering the basics of rolling maki rolls to creating intricate sashimi platters, you can take your sushi making skills to the next level with virtual instruction.

Why You Should Learn Sushi Making Online

Learning sushi making skills provides numerous benefits to both novices and experienced chefs. From mastering the basics of sushi rolling to creating intricate sashimi platters, online classes offer aspiring sushi chefs the opportunity to hone their skills and master the craft. One significant benefit of learning sushi making is developing a new hobby, which can be both rewarding and fun. Hobbies are an excellent way to take a break from the day-to-day grind, foster creativity and personal growth, and even make new friends.

Additionally, learning sushi making provides an opportunity to connect with a larger community of sushi chefs and enthusiasts. Whether a local group, club, or organization, having a group of supportive peers can help you stay motivated and inspired. Finally, honing the art of sushi making is an excellent way to boost career options by learning a new skill. Employers in the food industry seek out staff with diverse skills, and sushi making experience is a valuable addition to a resume.

Virtual Sushi Making Classes 

While some students prefer in-person classes, others thrive in virtual learning environments. Online classes provide convenience, flexibility, and an opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with a stable internet connection, which is much different than what's required for face-to-face instruction. 

Some of the biggest advantages of taking online sushi making classes include access to world-class instructors, interactive lessons, and not having to commute to a physical classroom. Virtual sushi making classes also allow you to learn at your own pace, take additional courses, and connect with your friends and family, regardless of location. It's ideal for those looking to learn more about the ancient art of sushi making without having to leave home. Some people are more comfortable cooking in their kitchens or want the freedom to revisit the lesson if needed. Virtual offerings provide the flexibility and comfort many seek when looking to start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

There are some factors to consider when considering virtual classes, such as material costs, as these are typically not provided with this type of course. Common materials for sushi making classes include essential tools like kitchen knives, sushi mats, cutting boards, and pans. Additionally, any ingredients or perishables need to be purchased separately and may not be included in the cost of the course. It's important to research the prerequisites and ensure you have the necessary tools before signing up.

The Vegetarian Sushi Rolling course from Food Craft is a great choice for learners of nearly any age, as the class is appropriate for those 12 and older. This lesson is available entirely online and provides a detailed guide to making vegetarian uramaki rolls. The two-hour class includes a kit of ingredients shipped right to participants and contains everything required to create delicious sushi rice, spicy mayo, and uramaki. To participate, it is necessary to have basic kitchen utensils like measuring spoons, a peeler, bowls, and chopping board ready, and a few other everyday ingredients like oil and white sugar.

Another option is to join Aiko from The League of Kitchens in the Japanese Online Class #2, where students will learn the art of crafting hand rolls and delicious dipping sauces in the style of Temaki Zushi. This class includes instructions on how to prepare miso soup and season vegetables, as well as expert guidance on the key components of hand rolls. Aiko provides a welcoming social environment for her cooking classes that encourages questions, great conversation, and helpful critiques. The recipes taught in these classes are from her family and require students to do some pre-class shopping for necessary ingredients. Chef Aiko provides a shopping list that includes standard items found at any local grocery store to ensure participants are prepared.

Private Online Group Sushi Making Classes

Want to host an entertaining event for your friends or family? Does your business or organization need a fun and engaging way to bring everyone together? CourseHorse offers sushi making classes for private groups online that run live, so participants can learn how to make sushi together in a virtual setting. 

CourseHorse makes it simple to book group classes, allowing group sizes to be changed after booking if needed and providing confirmation within 24 hours. Plus, they support multiple platforms so that everyone can join in from the comfort of their home with no extra booking fees. This makes it easier than ever for your team to connect, no matter where they are located, and learn something new.

The Virtual Sushi Making Workshop (Materials Included) is a 90-minute class held over Zoom that costs roughly $110 per person. This course provides all the ingredients needed to make classic sushi rolls, including sushi rice, cut rolls, and nigiri. Plus, the instructor will walk participants through how to create a variety of spicy and crunch-based rolls. There's also instruction on knife cuts, selecting fish, and seasoning to ensure the sushi has perfect flavor. Students are required to have some basic kitchen tools on hand, such as a saucepan with a lid, a cutting board, and a rubber spatula. 

The Virtual Sushi Making Workshop is similar to the above class, without the materials included. This class also runs for 90 minutes and costs $420 for ten people. Each additional booking after the first ten is $20. Those needing accommodations for groups over 50 should contact CourseHorse through their contact form.

Online vs. In-Person Sushi Making Classes

There are several differences between online and in-person classes, the most notable being the presence of an instructor. In-person classes are taught in a physical space with the instructor present, whereas online courses utilize video conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This means there is no actual face-to-face interaction with the instructor, but participants can still communicate in real time. 

When choosing between in-person and online sushi making classes, consider your learning style, goals, and budget. In-person classes tend to provide materials and a hands-on learning opportunity but can be more expensive. Online classes are an excellent option for those on a budget or who want to learn from the comfort of their own home. No matter what class you choose, CourseHorse makes it easy to find the perfect sushi making class for your needs.

Can I Learn Sushi Making for Free Online?

Yes, you can learn sushi making for free online. Plenty of video tutorials and lectures are available to get started with some basic skills and practice. However, taking a formal class from an expert would be the best way to hone your skills quickly. Having someone knowledgeable on hand can help address specific questions and provide feedback tailored to individual needs, where videos may be unable to. It's also difficult to gauge the reliability of information from free sources, as it may not be updated or accurate. Taking an official class from an experienced instructor is the best way to guarantee that you learn from trustworthy sources.