Lighthouse Workshops New York

Lighthouse Workshops New York

Life Skills
Midtown, New York, New York
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At the monthly Lighthouse Workshops, you are led to make the one connection that matters the most, the connection with yourself. The power of these workshops is the indescribable and magical feeling that happens when you discover you at the core of all your life issues, fears, hopes, and regrets.  

This self-connection arises from the application of simple and timeless natural principles, through discussion and exercises; it can be nurtured and grown throughout a lifetime.  

Many are surprised to discover that they have the same profound problems and processes as most of the people in the room, which will allow them to deeply relate to other human beings at a level rarely experienced. Join us for one day or the entire series.

Reviews of Lighthouse Workshops New York

(12 Reviews)
Turning Pain Into Power

hope h.

Attended: Turning Pain Into Power

I really enjoyed this class it was very informative and helpful I can’t wait for the next one

Learning to Love Yourself

Rosa Maria S.

Attended: Learning to Love Yourself

This class was very deep!!!

The Power of Femininity

Lily C.

Attended: The Power of Femininity

Great class & enegy!

Step Your Game Up: The Practice of Inner Wealth

Jose Rodriguez

Attended: Step Your Game Up: The Practice of Inner Wealth

I felt so connected to myself and the other people that were present. The content was unique and fulfilling, I felt like I was flooded with light inside my self. It made all the knowledge I have into a real experience and not just believes in my head. I definitely feel I stepped my game up!

Happiness Is an Inside Job


Attended: Happiness Is an Inside Job

It was a great experience. For those who are seeking for Happiness like me. I left the workshop with a new perspective and understanding of what happiness is about. Very different from what I've been told by society. Through some exercises it gave me the tools of how to connect within and live a more balance and happier daily life.

Internal Alchemy


Attended: Internal Alchemy

I was so happy to get an opportunity to connect with myself during this course AND learn something. In our environment where everything is taking us outside of ourselves, it's invaluable to me to take time and explore my inner world. Keep up the phenomenal work! What a great find.

Who Am I?: A Workshop for Men

Luis Nunez

Attended: Who Am I?: A Workshop for Men

This was a great Workshop!!! Interactive, profound, fun!!! It was amazing to uncover the different masks, suits or hats that are openly and subtlety pressed into men’s mind by society (all over the world) with the aim to make them more fake behavioral pattern followers than genuine human beings. ‘Men don’t cry’, ‘men should always be strong and show no sign of weakness’, ‘men should be fearless’, ‘men blah, blah, blah’, and so on and on…It’s overwhelming! Feeling myself and expressing myself how I am, plane and simple, was one of the many things I got out of this intensive Workshop.

Can Spiritually Evolved Women Solve the Worlds Problems


Attended: Can Spiritually Evolved Women Solve the Worlds Problems

I learned so much about women and what women can accomplish. I was able to see femininity in a new way. The other women were so open and accepting. It was a great place to see women in a new light.

The Scripts of Our Lives


Attended: The Scripts of Our Lives

This workshop was truly eye-opening. It opened windows into my inner world by providing tools to look at myself honestly and objectively. The content of the workshop sparked my desire to truly know myself and put me on a path of self-discovery and evolution. Three months later I joined the school which has completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Can Spiritually Evolved Women Solve the Worlds Problems


Attended: Can Spiritually Evolved Women Solve the Worlds Problems

A brave, generous, and beautiful discussion that managed to open up a deep conversation among a group of over 45 very diverse (all backgrounds, ages, and personalities!) about the true struggles that women face daily to navigate the enormity of external messages and conditions that distract and lead us to making unwise, unhealthy choices that are not really our own but rather reactions and actions that cause stagnation and negativity, not allowing us to be who we are and to operate from our true capacity. The workshop offered a series of very engaging powerful exercises in the form of questions as well as physical and meditative excercises that we all enaged in and immediately felt the power of what it takes to take the time to respond to our problems from an internal space rather than our usual overwhelmed mental ways. I have been attending the Lighhouse Worshops for over 15 years. Every single workshop have guided the development of my internal world. They have contributed to my having literally a 360% shift in perspective about living a more connected, compassionate, full of love, understanding, and contentment first and formost with myself and my relationships with husband, family, friends, and o fcourse collegues and the world in general. Give yourself the gift! Find the answers you are struggling to deal with on the surface from a deeper place inside your self! Wholeheartidly I recommend the Lighthouse Workshops to all.

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Lighthouse Workshops New York
Midtown, Manhattan
60 W 39th St 4th Fl
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New York, New York 10018

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