Shaun Berke

Teaches at Kline Academy of Fine Art

Shaun Berke (b.1983) is an American painter of the Venetian School––a painterly
technique passed down from master to apprentice since the fifteenth century. With degrees from Moorpark College and Art Center College of Design, he went on to study in Venice, Italy then to Stavern, Norway with Odd Nerdrum.
Berke is internationally collected and recognized with awards from The Art Renewal Center, World Wide Kitsch, Westlake Village Art Guild, Thousand Oaks Art Association, The Gerd Koch Grant, The Alpine Fellowship. Berke is an instructor at his alma mater, a materials specialist, and a lecturer of philosophy.
“My paintings are slow; anachronistic and figurative oil paintings in themes from nature Images springing from Classical Antiquity, Pagan Mythology, and Pre-Socratic Philosophy are buried layer upon layer. They are the portraits of an anchorite without time––the studies of becoming, an everliving fire.”

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