Creative Ceramics Studio

Creative Ceramics Studio

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
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Kristin Davis
Owner, Creative Ceramics Studio

I have loved ceramics and art as long back as I can remember; with my grandmother, Armilde Kivilaan [accomplished sculptor in all mediums — print maker, oil painter, ceramist, seamstress, and writer] in elementary school, college, independently, in workshops, overseas, and with dear friends. It has permeated my soul and gives me great happiness.

Creative Ceramics Studio was a dream of mine after receiving my BFA from USC. It was a challenge on every front, and to this I remember Virginia Wolfe’s, A Room of One’s Own. Her essay haunted me for several years after I graduated, her rationale that in order for an artist to make art they must possess some critical tangibles. Those tangibles being “a room of one’s own” and “a rich dead aunt.” I too needed a space, a “room” and the means to support myself so I could create. The big dilemma of all artists, I suppose.

Creative Ceramics Studio first and foremost was a space in order to facilitate my private work, but as I began to do just that, the realization that what I had was magical began to grow daily.

I needed to share this “room of one’s own” with others. I decided I wanted to embrace my community and spread a legacy for children from diverse backgrounds.

Now the studio is a great resource for kids and adults alike. The studio has become an inspiring and creative outlet for kids and adults. A platform to create and release. We all work side-by-side, communicating with our tools, hands, clay, mouths and more.

An opportunity to grow. As does the body of work. As does our relationships.. Try it for yourself.

The door is open to all who desire, all you have to do is imagine it, create it, decorate it.

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Creative Ceramics Studio
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