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Modern Illumination Capitals


Attended: Modern Illumination Capitals

Great opportunity to learn from a master calligrapher, Joanne Wasserman.The focus of the class was on students developing ccontemporary interpretations of traditional illuminated manuscript capitals. Joanne emphasized the visual “stories” which might be told through using decorated letters as a springboard to the imagination of the artist. Even though illuminated script is a revered, centuries-old art, Joanne encouraged us to explore our own expressive style in the class projects. Materials provided were good quality and the instruction and inspiration by the teacher first rate! You definitely don’t have to be a calligrapher to take this class—only to have a willingness to put your own spin on a a beautiful traditional art form.

Uncial Script Calligraphy


Attended: Uncial Script Calligraphy

I learned several new skills but the training area wasn't conducive to effective learning....e.g., poor wall space to post samples, teacher spent 10% of the time taping up brown paper to write on. As well, the teacher seem disorganized and unprepared, rambled about history of the content rather than weaving it in while we were practicing. As well, the samples shown we not relevant to what she was teaching. On the positive side, the teacher was upbeat, had a good sense of humor and clearly knew her craft...but being good at a craft doesn't always translate to being able to teach it well. I left halfway through the class since it became clear that more of the same would be happening in the 2nd half. I will enroll in other CourseHorse classes but will not be taking another one from this teacher.

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