Cheese and wine have long been seen as trappings of high society, but why do cheese & wine have to be snobby? After all, we’re really just talking about peasant food – wine, beer and cheese were created in order to preserve the perishable staples of farmhouse life. And luckily for us, after centuries of honing techniques and recipes, this peasant food happens to be absolutely delicious.  

DC’s distinctive and vibrant Union Market (a food hall filled with local, artisan vendors) is a perfect fit for our outsized personality – squeezed into a tiny, 200 square foot space. On one side of our shop, we have a cut-to-order retail cheese counter that offers approx 80-90 different small-batch, handmade cheeses made locally, across the US and in Europe. Our cheesemongers are your guides in the world of cheese – offering tastes and helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. On the other side of our counter, we offer grocery items that fill the need of market-goers, including locally-made fresh pasta; cured meats; olives and antipasto items. And best of all, we offer a curated by-the-glass wine and beer list specially chosen to match with our unique cheeses. 

Our cheese, wine and beer specialists help create pairings to match your choices from our cheese counter for you to enjoy throughout the public market. Our guests get to try different tastes and flavors that are not only delicious in the moment, but also help them choose when pairing on their own, at home.

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