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As actors ourselves, we know how tough this industry can get. We go on countless auditions hoping to book a job or at least get a call back while working at a part-time job trying to make a living and support our careers. We're used to hearing "No" because it's just part of the process. And through it all, we continue to work hard every day trying to make this dream a reality.

What if we told you that you didn't have to do it alone. That there was some one, some place that could help you pursue these dreams? What if you had a family of like-minded supporters to lift you up when you needed it? At Acting & Voice Studios, we want to do everything we can to help you get that big fat "Yes" instead. We want to use our years of experience and our connections to guide you through your acting journey and connect you with the right people in the industry.

Reviews of Acting & Voice Studios

(20 Reviews)
Voice-Over Agent Workshop with Billy Collura

Kim W.

Attended: Voice-Over Agent Workshop with Billy Collura

I thought it was an interesting class - and very affordable. I appreciated the time he took with every student. Thanks!

2-Week Animation Voice-Over with Pam Goldman


Attended: 2-Week Animation Voice-Over with Pam Goldman

Far more time spent talking about the business of getting work in animation voice over acting, and less with actual individual voicing, participation and interaction. Given how small the class was, ie. not too many people in this two week session, this seemed a lost opportunity.

2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Andy Roth

Maggie P.

Attended: 2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Andy Roth

Andy Roth is an amazing teacher. He meets every student where he/she is and moves them forward. He creates a safe, comfortable and embracing community of people. His ability to present the material with honesty, humor, and fun is terrific. I cannot sing his praises enough. Incredible.

2-Week Voice Over Intensive with Jessica Felrice


Attended: 2-Week Voice Over Intensive with Jessica Felrice

As a beginner, I found the classes and the feedbacks to be super helpful! The overall vibe was extremely welcoming which I absolutely loved Would definitely join again if the opportunity ever rises

2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Andy Roth


Attended: 2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Andy Roth

Andy was great! He taught us a lot of helpful tips and he helped build my self confidence. Thanks!

4-Week Online TV/Film Acting Intensive for Beginner


Attended: 4-Week Online TV/Film Acting Intensive for Beginner

This 4-week class with acting coach James O'Connor was a great intro class for me. The class was personable and James spent as much time as he could with each of us giving us well-rounded critiques to pursue for the next class and to continue to pursue in our careers. I left this class feeling full and for me that's important! Big Thank you, I look forward to booking with you again soon.

Online Bi-Coastal 7-Agent/Manager Showcase

Maeve R.

Attended: Online Bi-Coastal 7-Agent/Manager Showcase

It was great! Loved the feedback portion.

Online Voice-Over Masterclass w/ Coast To Coast Agency

Jonathan A.

Attended: Online Voice-Over Masterclass w/ Coast To Coast Agency

Portia was Great!

2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Andy Roth

Grace D.

Attended: 2-Week Voice-Over Intensive with Andy Roth

Grace D. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

2-Week TV & Film Acting with Derek Hersey

Kyleigh B.

Attended: 2-Week TV & Film Acting with Derek Hersey

Kyleigh B. gave this class 5 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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213 W 35th St Ste 1300, New York, New York 10001
Acting & Voice Studios
Midtown, Manhattan
213 W 35th St Ste 1300
Btwn 7th & 8th Avenues
New York, New York 10001

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Abby Johnson Abrams Artists Abrams, Buchwald, Stewart, Barry Shapiro and Angela Mickey Adrienne Stern Adrienne Stern Alan Scott Neal Alex E. Allie Silber Amy Jackson Andy Roth Angela Mickey Arielle Negrin Ashley Landay Ashton Demery & Clarissa Chambers Barry Shapiro Barry Shapiro, Billy Collura and more Barry Shapiro, Jane Jenkins, Marlo Tiede, Kent Moran Bernadette McBrinn Bernadette McBrinn Billy Collura Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom Brandon Henry Rodriguez Brandon Henry Rodriguez, Alaina Feehan, & Craig Holzberg Briana Dunlay Bruce H. Newberg Byron Beane Byron Beane, Craig Holzberg & Chris Giovanni Caitlin D. Jones Candace Stewart Caroline Liem Castleberry & Murphy Catherine Stroud Catherine Stroud, Robin Nassif & Barry Shapiro Chef Zena Chef Zena Christophe Bakunas & Erin Drain Coco Kleppinger Conor Romero Craig Dorfman Craig Holzberg Craig Holzberg Dani Markowitz Daniel Ortega Danielle De Lawder Danny Gordon David Vaccari David Doan David O'Hara David Guder & Sarette Zecharia Denny Sevier Derek Hersey Diakeim Lyles Domina Holbeck Dominika Posserén Dominika Posseren Donna Morong Donna McKenna Donna Grillo Eliza Rose Kane Ellen Jacoby Emily Latka Eric Hupe Erica A. Hart Erika Karnell G. Kachman, R. Silver, M. Tucker J. Barrett, C. Holzberg, D. Castrejon G. Kachman, V. Kress, D. Doan B. Bloom, M. Levy Gail Goldberg Gayle Keller Gina Manfredi Gina Manfredi Gregg A. Klein Hannah Wynkoop Harriet Greenspan Hugh Leon Ilene Starger Ilene Starger, Nicole Wichinsky, Michael Salimbene & Barry Shapiro Jabari Barrett Jake Warnecke James Murray James A. O'Connor Jamie Sparer Roberts Jamie Castro Jane Jenkins Jane Jenkins & Jeremy Gordon Jane Jenkins, Ross Silver, Paula Curcuru, etc Jane Jenkins, Alaina Feehan & Craig Holzberg Jason Sasportas Jazmin Rangel Jed Abrahams Jeffrey Dreisbach Jen Rudin Jeremy Gordon Jeremy Gordon, Jane Jenkins, Spencer Garrett Jessica Felrice Joanna Levinger Joey Montenarello Joey Paul Jensen Joey Paul Jensen, Kimberly Graham & Victoria Kress John Patrick Hayden Jonathan Appell Joseph Ferrerosa Judith Bouley Judy Henderson Judy Bouley & Blake Larson Julie Fulop Karlee Fomalont Karuna Karuna Kat Hargrave Katherine Ryan Kathryn Kalucki Katie Murphy Kelly Knox Kendra Castleberry Kent Moran Kevin Turner Kevin Reher & Natalie Lyon Kimberly Graham Kimberly Hardin Lain Kunin Leigh Ann Smith Lisa Ystrom Lisa Zambetti Lisa Fields Liz Lewis Mallory Levy Mallory Pierro Tucker Mara Santino Marcelle Dabbah Marcelle and Victoria Marci Liroff Marin Hope Mark Paladini Marla Weber-Green Marlo Tiede Matt Jackson Matt Fletcher Matt Amrbosia Meg Morman Megan Larche Dominick Melissa Shaw Melissa Moss Mia Cusumano Michael Donovan Michael Nicolo Michela Pantano Mike Page Mikey Addady Milton Perea Morgan Peterson Ms. Aleta Chappelle Multiple Instructors Nadia Aleyd Nadia Aleyd, Angela Mickey & Coco Kleppinger Nadia Rona & Vera Miller Nic Franscino Nick Peciaro Nicole Wichinsky Noa Isabella Pam Goldman Paul Reisman Paul Reisman & Gail Goldberg Portia Scott R Silver, M Tucker, R Berko, N Wichinsky C. Giovanni, N. Kolstein, P. Curcuru Raphael Berko Raphael Berko & Ruby Martin Rebecca Yarsin Richard Pagano Rick Messina Rick Pagano Rikki Gimelstob Robert Holden & Deborah Egerton Robin - Robin Nassif Rose Bochner Ross Silver Ross Silver with Abrams Artists Ryan Daly Ryan Bernard Tymensky Sam Yabrow Sam Yabrow & Abrams Artists Sarah Yeoman Sharon Lieblein Skyler Zurn Steve Irlen Steven Tylor O'Connor Suzanne Smith Terry Berland Tineka Becker Todd Thaler Toula Scordilis Tracey Goldbloom Tracey Goldblum Viktoria Kress Zack Willis Zora DeHorter
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