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Houda is a graffiti and street art aficionado, a museum nerd, and urban culture lover. She obtained her BA from McGill University with a double major in Anthropology and Human Geography and recently obtained her Master’s in Museum Studies from New York University. Since 2013, Houda has documented street art and graffiti in cities across the world including Montreal, Sao Paolo, London, Santiago, Lisbon, Casablanca, Berlin, Dubai, and Rio de Janiero, and is impatiently waiting for the next travel opportunity to add more cities to this list!

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Blek le Rat to Invader: Street Art from France


Attended: Blek le Rat to Invader: Street Art from France

I loved this class! I learned a lot of interesting things. I can't wait to look around here in NY and internationally for work done by the artists that were discussed.

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