Sensazao Dance Fitness

Sensazao Dance Fitness

Performing Arts
Alexandria, Washington, District of Columbia
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Sensazão is a quality driven, challenging yet effective dance fitness program. Using powerful choreography to exciting music, we make sure your workout with us is safe, intense and gratifying. A typical class lasts 60 minutes and burns 200 to 1000 calories. 

Dance fitness is our most popular class because we provide strong and authentic moves to trendy music. Anyone up for a challenge and ready to be happily exhausted can and will succeed! Regardless of your age, size, dance and/or fitness background we have designed this class based on the following: safety, quality and edge.

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5424 Eisenhower Ave, Washington, District of Columbia 22304
Sensazao Dance Fitness
5424 Eisenhower Ave
At Metro Rd
Washington, District of Columbia 22304

Teachers at Sensazao Dance Fitness

Diego Gabriela Gabriela, Diego & Jazmin Gabriella Jaz Jaz & Gabriela Jenni Jenni & Cathy Jimmi Jimmy Kirsten Sensazão Crew
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