Del Mar Birth Center

Del Mar Birth Center

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South Pasadena, Los Angeles, California
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Del Mar Birth Center provides a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for women’s health care and complete prenatal, labor, birth and postnatal care. Our midwives have the rare experience that comes from having worked extensively in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings. They each share a commitment to physiologic birth and best evidence based practices. While the word “team” is frequently used by many practices, in the case of Del Mar Birth Center, it truly describes our philosophy and approach to client care. We work well together, we like each other, and it shows! 

Women receiving prenatal care meet with each of the midwives throughout their care, building a relationship of trust and familiarity. When the time comes for the client’s birth, she will be familiar with the attending midwife, and that midwife in turn will be familiar with the client and her individual needs and desires. When you become a client of Del Mar Birth Center, you become a part of our family. All of our staff, from the receptionist and Client Services Coordinator to the administrator, nurses and midwives, take a personal interest in our clients and their care. We invite you to meet our team.

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1416 El Centro St #100, Los Angeles, California 91030
Del Mar Birth Center
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1416 El Centro St #100
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Adam Lari Britta Bushnell PhD Int'l Board Cert. Lactation Consultants Kathy Killebrew Margo Sebastien Convert