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Comedy Classes Coming up in Los Angeles and Online

6 classes in-person in Los Angeles have spots left, and 5 classes live online are available.

Stand-Up Comedy 101

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

I bet you’ve been told you’re funny. Well, here’s your chance to show off your comedic instincts. This class will teach you the basics of stand-up comedy: Joke-writing Performance Structuring your set Even handling hecklers Following the workshop, students will have the opportunity to perform their own original stand-up comedy routine at a comedy club!

Wednesday Jul 26th, 6–9pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Intro to Stand Up Comedy

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

Our top Instructors at Flappers Comedy University will teach you and your friends how to take your funny ideas and turn them into jokes fit for the stage. This One Day Stand Up Comedy Intensive is the perfect "sampler" to introduce you to many of the different classes offered at Flappers Comedy University, and is specially tailored towards both beginning comics who want to learn where to begin and professionals who want to brush up on the basic...

Sunday Aug 13th, 12–3pm Pacific Time

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

Santa Monica College @ SMC Bundy Campus, Santa Monica, CA 90066

Hone your skills as a stand-up comic in an exciting hands-on workshop designed for both the absolute beginner as well as those already showcasing around town. The class culminates with a graduation show at the Comedy Store, the World Famous Improv Comedy Club or another venue.  Learn all the techniques the pros use for joke writing, finding your comic personae and POV, and making the best choices for connecting with an audience. Also, gain...

Thursday Jun 22nd, 6:30–9:30pm Pacific Time

 (7 sessions)


7 sessions

Branding and Promoting Yourself

DBA Flappers University @ 118 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

Are you wondering how to take your stand up comedy career to the next level? Have an act but not sure how to present yourself to clubs and bookers? Do you need promotional materials, but don't have a big budget and aren't sure where to begin? In this intense workshop taught by Barbara Holliday (the co-founder of Flappers Comedy Clubs and comedy manager for H2F Comedy Productions), you'll learn how to go from asking for bookings to selling yourself...

Saturday Jun 10th, 12–3pm Pacific Time

New Moon Women's Circle Ceremony & Sound Bath

Liberate Hollywood @ 13323 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Join Certified Moonologer/Intuitive Coach & Sound Healer Kirsten Korot for Moonology™ - Learn how to use the Moon as a cosmic timer in your life where astrology meets the Moon and you consciously create what you want to Manifest in your life. This circle is an opportunity to: Create connection and community with other women in a safe and sacred environment. Tune into your own feminine wisdom, inner power and intuition. Experience intention...

Saturday Jun 17th, 7–8:30pm Pacific Time

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Getting Booked on The Road

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

You have an act, you have the time on stage, now where can I get booked, headline, and make some money? In this workshop, taught by Site Director Paul Moomjean (Dry Bar Comedy Special) you will learn the skills you'll need to take your stand-up act and create a workable business model with it. Paul answers the questions like What bookers are looking for? How can headline? What about Churches, Casinos, and Corporate Events? Which markets should...

Tuesday Aug 15th, 11am–2pm Pacific Time

How To Be Funny on Camera:12 Wk Intro to Comedy

L.A. On-Camera Training Center

Jacqueline Geary breaks down how to be funny almost mathematically. Ninety percent of "the funny" stems from what we call opposites; Jackie breaks down all the different KINDS of them -- how to spot those given to you by the writer, how to create them on your own, and how to create more of them than anyone else will. Cause even if the funniest read doesn't BOOK you the job, it will be remembered. And that might get you brought back in. That's the...

Monday Aug 14th, 10am–2pm Pacific Time

 (12 sessions)


12 sessions

Online 2-Day Comedy & Drama Intensive with Lisa Beach

Acting & Voice Studios @ Virtual Classroom

Online 2-Day Comedy & Drama Intensive with Legendary Casting Director, Lisa Beach Join us for our Online 2-Day Comedy & Drama Intensive with Legendary Casting Director, Lisa Beach! This class is for actors 16+. This class will be held online via Zoom. This will be a live, interactive class with a Q&A and the opportunity to perform for and get feedback from Lisa. You will be able to download the recordings of your performances for educational...

Saturday Jul 8th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

2-Week COMEDY & DRAMA Intensive with Jeremy Gordon

Acting & Voice Studios @ Virtual Classroom

2-Week COMEDY & DRAMA Intensive with Casting Director, Jeremy Gordon CSA! Join us for our Online 2-Week COMEDY & DRAMA Intensive with Casting Director, Jeremy Gordon, CSA! This class is for actors 16 years old and up and you will be working on scene study and audition techniques. This will be a live interactive class where you will have a Q&A and you will be able to perform and get feedback from Jeremy. You will be able to download...

Thursday Jul 20th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

TV I: TV Pilot Writing Workshop

Writing Pad

Do you have a great idea for Netflix or Amazon’s next hit series? Let successful TV writer Steven Peros (22 scripts sold, The Lot) help you transform your brilliant premise into a page-turning script! In this 5-week Online TV Pilot Development Workshop, you’ll learn how to craft a great logline, structure a compelling story, plan a season arc that keeps the audience hooked, and break your pilot story just like they do in the writer’s room....

Monday Jun 26th, 5–8pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Auditioning For Film & TV: 2-Week with Michael Brian

Actors Connection New York @ Online Classroom

Auditioning For Film & TV: 2-Week Online Class with Michael Brian, Director/Audition Coach and Former Casting Associate/Director We are excited to have Michael in teaching this new online Film and TV class! Michael has worked with a variety of offices including Sarah Finn Casting, Julie Ashton Casting, Carla Hool Casting and Greenstein/Daniel Casting.  His credits include: Primo (Freevee); Bob's Burgers (FOX), Central Park (Apple TV),...

Tuesday Jul 18th, 8–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)


2 sessions

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Online Comedy Class


Develop creative writing and performance skills while discovering your inner comedic genius! Mondays/Wednesdays Improv only Tuesdays/Thursdays Stand-Up Comedy plus Improv games as time permits These classes are designed for both professionals to get valuable open mic time and those just looking for a fun self enrichment time to meet new professionals and help generate and share some much needed laughter. Every session will start with an open...

No upcoming schedules

Political Comedy 101

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

How do shows like 'Politically Incorrect' and 'The Daily Show' manage to take the incredibly serious arena of world politics and make it funny? And what do they look for when they're bringing on NEW political comedians? In this workshop, we will discuss how to properly craft political comedy, as well as touch upon some of the common mistakes made by political comedians and understanding some of the different arenas where these skills may be put...

No upcoming schedules

Comedy Improv

Mt. San Antonio College @ 4200 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602

It's not just for actors anymore! Explore your love of Improv and discover what it can do to enhance your social and business interactions. Using comedy improve games and a few effective guidelines, you will develop the ability to quickly come up with great responses and the confidence to use them.

No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

Comedy: The Psychology of Ha

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

Screenwriter David Misch ("Mork & Mindy", “The Muppets Take Manhattan”, “Police Squad!”, “Duckman”, “Saturday Night Live”), author of the award-eligible Funny the Book: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Comedy, presents a class which comes with an ironclad guarantee that it will impart no usable skills. Okay, that could be an exaggeration, but “Comedy: The Psychology of Ha!” is a mini-version of “Practical Foundations...

No upcoming schedules

Intro to Comedy Intensive

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

Our top Instructors at Flappers Comedy University will teach you and your friends how to take your funny ideas and turn them into jokes fit for the stage.  This One Day Stand Up Comedy Intensive is the perfect "sampler" to introduce you to many of the different classes offered at Flappers Comedy University, and is specially tailored towards both beginning comics who want to learn where to begin and professionals who want to brush up on the...

No upcoming schedules

Comedy 4 Teens improv++


HAVE FUN BUT NEVER AT ANOTHER's EXPENSE!  Our classes for teens include both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy training. By combining the two, students receive a comprehensive education in creative writing and critical thinking while developing strong community and leadership skills – team, public speaking, self confidence, respect, listening, focus, eye contact and more. 

No upcoming schedules

4 sessions

Working in Corporate Comedy

DBA Flappers University @ 118 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

It's often surprising to learn that many of the most successful comedians working in the business today DON'T make their money at the comedy clubs... but rather earn their biggest paychecks performing at luncheons, retreats, parties and many other sorts of corporate events!  The world of corporate comedy is a lucrative one, with some comedians making anywhere from a few hundred dollars a day to over $100,000 PER GIG... but it's also a world...

No upcoming schedules

Intro to Sketch Comedy

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

Are you a fan of shows like Saturday Night Live, MAD TV and In Living Color? Have you ever thought to yourself 'I'll bet I could do that'? Well... now's your chance to find out! In this special one-day workshop, students will be introduced to the highly competitive - and hilarious! - world of scripted sketch comedy, including character creation, writing exercises, and writing in different sketch formats (parody, 'fish out of water', commercial,...

No upcoming schedules

Series: Off the Cuff-Comedy Improv

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Do you have presentations at work?  Are you a teacher or a lawyer or an IT worker? Do you not like the idea of public speaking? This class can help. Have a blast and learn a new skill! Actors and non actors learn the building blocks of improvisational comedy. Comedic improvisational acting is about communication, team work, listening and trusting yourself, all in a very fun environment. Learn the fundamentals, philosophy and rules through...

No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

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Best Comedy Classes in Los Angeles

Did you know that the origins of comedy can be traced back to the Greek and Roman empires, where the word was developed to describe stage-plays that had happy endings? At its core, a comedic work is a piece of fiction that can take the form of discourse, jokes, or satirical sketches that are intended to be humorous and make an audience laugh. Any type of work that is intended to bring amusement is considered to be a comedy. Comedies can appear in many different forms, including theater, film, television, stand-up, radio, books, or nearly any other entertainment medium. Anyone can learn the skill of comedy, regardless of their experience or age.

Why You Should Learn Comedy in Los Angeles

Learning comedy in Los Angeles can be a unique way to relieve stress after work or school, as well as a way to pass the time when you are not otherwise occupied. Comedy is a skill that involves the utilization of your entire body as your material, and you can even use comedy to help other people. Obviously comedy is intended to entertain others, but you can also personalize comedy to make it into a gift for a special occasion.

There is a large community of comedy lovers, and it is made up of those who enjoy comedy as a hobby, as well as those who use it as a profession. After mastering the basics of comedy, it may be a good idea to research local clubs, groups, events, or organizations where you can meet others who are interested in comedy. Keep in mind that most people who are in these groups already have some experience with comedy, and they may not be looking to teach a beginner unless the group states explicitly that beginners are welcome.

Comedy classes may also be a way to turn your new hobby into a marketable skill to put on your resume. A sense of humor is a great thing to have at just about any job, and learning comedic timing may be helpful when you need to lighten things up. Like spending time online? Start a comedy focused YouTube channel or TikTok account and begin producing your own sketches and routines. Grow your following large enough and you could even make some money this way and turn your hobby into a side hustle.

In-Person Comedy Classes in Los Angeles

If you want to learn comedy in-person, CourseHorse can connect you with classes in your area. For example, if you are in Los Angeles, Off-the-Cuff: Comedy Improv (Level 1) is offered by Los Angeles City College. This five-session class will teach you the building blocks of improvisational comedy. You will learn teamwork, communication, and self-confidence in a fun and freeing environment. 

In Burbank, DBA Flappers University hosts Intro to Stand Up Comedy, a beginner-friendly class that teaches you how to turn your funny ideas into jokes for the stage. This intensive class introduces you to many different types of comedy and is perfect for those who are just starting out. 

Another Los Angeles City College course is Stand-Up Comedy 101, which teaches you the basics of stand up comedy. You will learn joke writing, performance skills, how to structure your set, and even how to handle hecklers.

Series: Off the Cuff - Comedy Improv at Los Angeles City College is a five-session class which will help you learn to love public speaking through improvisational comedy. This class is designed for all levels and will teach you communication, team work, and listening skills.

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show is offered at Santa Monica College and will help you hone your skills as a stand up comedian. This seven-session course is a hands-on workshop designed for all levels that will teach you joke writing and how to find your comedic voice.

El Camino College offers Stand-up Comedy Workshop, an all levels class that will have you giggling in no time. This six-session course will teach you how to write jokes, hone your improv skills, and how to create characters that can connect with any audience.

Comedy Improv is held at Mt. San Antonio College in North Hollywood, and will help you discover your love of improv and how it can be applied to almost any aspect of your life. You will develop the ability to concoct witty responses and the confidence to use them.

Handling Hecklers at The Comedy Institute is open to all levels and focuses on handling the most difficult moment of any comic’s career: heckling. This class will immerse you in the experience of heckling and then walk you through the process of choosing the appropriate response for the situation.

Another offering at The Comedy Institute is Mastering Standup Workshop, a two-session course that covers it all. This class answers any questions you have about the art of stand up comedy, and gives you the experience of performing in front of an audience of your peers.

Virtual Comedy Classes 

If you live in Los Angeles but you do not want to commute to an in-person comedy class, then a virtual comedy class can be a good way to learn the art of comedy. Some of the advantages of online comedy classes include allowing you to attend from just about anywhere, including your home or an outdoor space, such as your backyard or a nearby park. There is also no commute to and from an online comedy class, which saves you time and money. One possible disadvantage of taking an online comedy class is that you will most likely have to provide any required materials or equipment. Luckily most comedy classes do not require much beyond your attendance.

If you are interested in taking online comedy classes, CourseHorse can help you find a great fit for the style of comedy you would like to learn. For example, 2-Week Comedy & Drama Intensive with Jeremy Gordon is a class that will teach you scene study and audition techniques revolving around the comedic genre. You will be learning from an experienced casting director in an interactive environment that includes a Q&A session. The Comedy Intensive Online is a four-session course designed for all levels of experience. You will experience an interactive workshop environment that explains comedy and comedy writing from the inside out. You will learn best practices for comedy that will allow you to further broaden your horizons in the genre. And Virtual Stand Up Comedy is a four-session online class that will help you develop a five minute stand up comedy routine in a supportive environment. You will learn how to develop original material, as well as visible digital content to support your stand up set.

Private Group Comedy Classes in Los Angeles

Like the idea of taking a comedy class but want to involve your friends or coworkers in Los Angeles? CourseHorse has comedy classes for private groups that they can deliver to you. For example, Virtual Comedy Show is a group comedy experience that everyone can enjoy, with a capacity of up to 50 people. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some belly laughs with your group as you take in stand up jokes from a top-notch comedian. This event pairs well with a virtual happy hour or one of CourseHorse’s virtual games for a dynamic and fun experience. Virtual Public Speaking Through Stand-Up is great for a group of up to 30 people, and is a team building class taught by a professional comedian. This one-session intensive course will teach stand up comedy to your team as a way to enhance aspects of their professional lives and collaboration skills.

Do not worry if you do not see a class listed publicly that interests you–CourseHorse can provide a group comedy class even if it is not currently listed on their website. Simply reach out through the contact form on their website to learn about available options. And remember that when you book with CourseHorse, you can change your group size after booking if needed, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours, and there are no booking fees. Plus, CourseHorse supports multiple platforms, so everyone can join the fun no matter where they are.