Down Under Yoga

Down Under Yoga

Brookline, Brookline, Massachusetts
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Down Under School of Yoga is New England’s premier yoga school, home to America’s finest yoga teachers and a vibrant, growing student body. This Boston yoga studio began as a group of friends teaching in a parish hall, and those humble origins can still be felt today. Everything you see in the studios is the creation of our students, from the art on the walls to the studio layouts. We invite yogis of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience to explore our offerings and become a part of this wonderful community. Treat our Boston yoga studios as your home and tell us how to ensure it remains an inspiring, supportive and beautiful place for you to practice.

Honoring Yoga: Our Promise

As students and teachers of yoga, we are the stewards of an ancient practice; the way we act off the mat is as important as what we do on it. To honor tenets of yogic philosophy including satya (truthfulness) and aparigraha (non-possession), Down Under will not make corporate product deals or trademark new styles of yoga, nor will we sell expensive yoga pants. What you wear to practice doesn’t matter (we adore you in your oldest shirt) all that matters is your presence and attention as part of our community. We’ll continue to take yoga off the mat by keeping our studios ‘green’, hosting charity classes, philosophy discussions and workshops. 

Compassionate Spirit

At Down Under School of Yoga, we’re not seeking a beautiful pose but rather the quality of your attention inside the pose. As you explore different classes, respect your body and your process. The student who loves to move often struggles with stillness. The yogi who delights in precision gains something different when asked to flow with body and breath. We invite you to practice what is heavenly and hardest for you, to expand your practice and possibilities.If you find yourself in a class that’s too hard, practice the art of listening; travel at your own pace, do 50%, take breaks or rest in child’s pose. Exercise compassion towards yourself and your fellow yogis by turning off your phone when you walk through the doors. Whisper in the lobby to not only quiet your senses for class, but also as an act of generosity to your friends practicing inside. Arrive early, and bring only what you need to cultivate simplicity. We’re all in this together.

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1054 Beacon St, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446
Down Under Yoga
1054 Beacon St
At Carlton St
Brookline, Massachusetts 02446

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Dr. Yenkuei Chuang Tristan Binns